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Dr. Anseth is among a few Surgeons in the Midwest Performing the Bi-cruciate Retaining Knee Replacement

Here's something that might surprise you. Did you know that most traditional total knee implants require the removal of the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), a ligament that helps provide your knee joint with natural stability and control?

The XP Preserving Knee from Biomet is different. It's designed to work with your natural anatomy, allowing you to keep all your healthy ligaments – including your ACL. With the XP knee, your healthy ligaments can stay connected, just as nature intended.

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Dr. Anseth Performs a Total Hip Replacement for 'Operation Walk' Watch

"Operation Walk is a charity that provides free hip and knee replacements for patients in the United States," Anseth said.

The charity started as a way to perform joint replacements in developing countries. But over the years, the doctors who travel abroad have started doing the same surgeries at home.

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A Mobile Compression Device for Thrombosis Prevention in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty

Dr. Anseth is featured in the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery for his involvement with effectiveness of a mobile compression devices post total hip and knee replacement surgery.

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Operation Walk

Dr. Anseth is the only orthopedic surgeon in Minnesota participating Operation Walk. Operation Walk USA is an independent medical humanitarian organization that provides free hip or knee replacement surgeries to patients in the US. Operation Walk USA benefits US citizens and permanent residents who do not qualify for government assistance programs and cannot afford surgery on their own. Operation Walk USA is committed to helping those in need by restoring their mobility, self dignity and productivity, thus helping them return to work and their social activities. Currently, Operation Walk USA takes place once a year, in December. The 2013 event is scheduled for the first week of December: December 2 through 7, 2013.

Best Doctors for Women 2013

Dr. Anseth was voted Best Doctors for Women in 2013 by his peers and patients.

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Dr. Anseth Discusses a Recent Research Article of Hip Replacements in Women

Hip replacement surgery eases the pain of more than 400,000 Americans a year, but new research shows women are more likely to need repeat surgery within the first year than men. When metal-on-metal hips were used, the failure rate was almost twice as high for women than for men. While some chalk it up to the obvious fact that women are built differently than men, one doctor told FOX 9 News the study shows a real need to look at the individual and what will best fit a specific patient.

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Inside The Operating Room: Frank Vascellaro's Major Hip Surgery

For weeks, viewers were hearing the phrase, "Frank Vascellaro has the night off." He wasn't on an extended vacation; Vascellaro was recovering from hip resurfacing surgery, performed by Dr. Anseth.

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Best Doctors for Women 2011

Some deliver newborns. Others reattach severed limbs. And still others outline grim prognoses as tenderly as possible. But the 418 Twin Cities physicians named in Minnesota Monthly's Best Doctors for Women poll were chosen by their peers not just for professional expertise.

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