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  • First visit!
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“For many years I have been diagnosed with bursitis. I have suffered in major pain where muscle relaxers were no longer working. Many doctors have said get physical therapy but that wasn't working. In fact, it made things worse. I took the time to meet with Dr. Anseth who diagnosed my pain the right way and found the right answer. I do not have bursitis. Unfortunately, I have early stages of arthritis in my hip. Dr. Anseth took an academic approach to helping me understand my situation. We looked at and compared X-rays over a period of time so I could best understand the progression of the situation. My situation is "mild to moderate". He said, one day I may need to have my hip replaced, but, not now and I was glad. Instead, he referred me to a radiologist for injections in my hip to relieve the pain. I got my first injection last Saturday. Today I feel like an entirely new person! Exercise and injections are what I need for now. Dr. Anseth is simply the best. He is not out to get the money but to improve the quality of life for people. He gets it and I deeply appreciate him. One day I will need to have that surgery and when I do I will look for him again and I will be ready because I was properly diagnosed and I have a clear understanding as to what the situation is. The best part is that it can be fixed! I have a new lease on life! Thank you Dr. Anseth!”

John W.

  • Right Knee Revision

“Dr. Scott Anseth is a ROCK STAR!! My original knee replacement was performed by another surgeon in a different orthopedic group. At my one year post-op check up the original surgeon told me that he "didn't know why my knee was still sore and clunking and sloppy" and "maybe he could shim it". It was at that point that I decided to get a second opinion. Since I had a very successful outcome with ankle replacement surgery performed at Twin Cities Orthopedics by Dr. J. Chris Coetzee, I asked Dr. Coetzee to recommend a knee surgeon. He suggested Dr. Anseth. I was extremely happy that I was able to get in to see him. Dr. Anseth examined the knee and determined that a revision was necessary. On November 10, 2016, Dr. Anseth replaced my original device with a Stryker Triathlon replacement knee. The difference is like night and day. I am now six weeks post surgery and no longer need outpatient P.T. The new knee is already performing better than the original replacement performed after eighteen months. I would like to thank Dr. Anseth and his staff for the great work. To anyone that is not happy with their replacement knee...this is the man to see. ”

Jan N

  • Total Hip Replacement
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“The first surgery I have ever experienced in my life was a total hip replacement performed by Dr. Scott Anseth on November 11th, 2016 at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am 72 years old and in very good health, however, this was still a major undertaking for me and included a great deal of research (online, on foot, and via word-of-mouth).

My primary Physician at Allina Health, Dr. Josh Becker, told me that Dr. Anseth was "the go-to-guy" in the field of hip replacement and Abbott Northwestern was the place to go. So, after much reinforcement regarding Dr. Anseth' s expertise from many people I made the preliminary appointment at Twin Cities Orthopedics for surgical determination. As a result of the findings - bone on bone - my only recourse if I wanted to live a full life dong the activities I loved, was to have a total hip replacement.

I'm a pretty devout chicken when it comes to needles, intrusive sharp objects, and pain in general so I have always considered myself to be the worst possible candidate for any type of surgery, particularly one that involved removing one of my parts and putting in a new one - I had a lot to learn and I set about learning with a vengeance.

The beginning of this process of gathering and assimilating information was made simple by the outstanding help, empathy, confidence, and positive attitude I got from Dr. Anseth who introduced himself as Scott, sat beside me (not peering at me from a desk), and told me with a cheery smile that he could fix me, and that my age was no problem. I knew that he could. He said that if I did everything he told me to do I would be playing golf in 8 weeks (it has been 3 weeks since surgery and I'm putting a golf ball around my living room).

I walked away from that first meeting with hope in my heart, the thought that my life would be returned to me, and the determination to follow orders and do all I could to facilitate my healing. I wanted to take a more active part in my business, walk around the lake again, play golf, enjoy gardening, and throw away my cane.

The first step of this plan was the arrival in the mail of the patient education book from the Joint Replacement Center at Abbott Northwestern.

For 4 weeks this book was my blueprint for my new life. Every question I had concerning pre-op and post-op, how to get my house ready for my return (which gave me time to move to a main floor guest room and outfit the main floor bathroom), find out the best kind of clothing for the days after surgery, meals to prepare ahead of time and freeze, furniture upon which to sit and not sit, the height of my bed, the side to use for the surgical leg, caregiver (husband training), family and friends (accept all offers of pre-cooked meals), and a myriad of questions I didn't know I had. If there wasn't an answer in the book there was a phone number to call. And, one of the most important sections of the book was the one listing all the exercises you MUST do in the 4 weeks prior to surgery. These exercises were a huge part of my recovery as are the post-op exercises - they become part of your life and twice a day you automatically do them - like drinking water and breathing.

My surgery was at 10:30 am and while I was nervous on the ride to the hospital that feeling was soon gone shortly after I arrived. From the time of check-in to my progress to the Operating Room I was treated as though I were deserving of extra-special care and that anything and everything would be done to ensure my comfort - all I had to do was ask. Most wonderful was that everything I experienced was gone over in great detail so that I was never at odds with a procedure or in doubt with what was happening. I knew that with all these knowledgeable and concerned people taking care of me that nothing would go wrong - I had complete trust in their expertise and I felt safe. Everyone visited with me right before surgery to offer even more explanations and assurances, Dr. Scott Anseth in whom I had and have absolute faith, Dr. Mrachek the gifted anesthesiologist who told me to trust him and I did, Heidi Bolgren assistant in the OR and after with my follow-up, and all the kind, and wonderful nursing staff that monitored my care every step of the way. I wish I could remember every name and hug each one of the people who have done so much for me.

I entered Abbott Northwestern Hospital on Friday the 11th of November and checked out Sunday afternoon the 13th of November. During that time I underwent a life-changing experience. I was treated with so much courtesy, respect, concern for my well-being, and kindness that my biggest problem is how I'm going to pay all this forward. I suppose to some of these health-care professionals, and the truly amazing post-op care nurses, it is a matter of just doing their jobs but to me it is entirely something else. On Saturday while I was taking a little assisted walk with a nurse down a hallway I was asked how I felt - I said that I felt like I was living in the middle of a miracle. I still do. While in the hospital I never experienced severe pain, in fact what pain there was did not compare to the pain I had before surgery, and I never experienced a feeling of worry over what was coming next.

My wish for everyone who is considering joint replacement is that they get acquainted with the Joint Replacement Center at Abbott Northwestern and the simply wonderful Dr. Scott Anseth and his team. They are the best.

Pete R

  • Full Knee Replacement

“I can't say enough good things about Dr. Anseth and his staff. After some severe breaks in the bones around my knee, I was left with a leg that kept me in constant pain and made it difficult to walk. My case was particularly challenging and after seeing a doctor who was skeptical and negative about the outcome, I was referred to Dr. Anseth. He gave me an honest prognosis, but was confident I would see major improvement from the condition I was in. It's been 6 weeks since Dr. Anseth's surgery on my knee and when I walk, you cannot tell I had a problem at all. I must say, not only Dr. Anseth, but, every person I've encountered on his staff, has been upbeat and positive, which gives you confidence as a patient. I am extremely grateful for their expertise and care. It has made an unbelievable difference in my quality of life.”

Susan P

  • Bilateral total knee replacements
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“Dr. Anseth gave me my life back. My right knee was replaced in 6/2014 and the left in 6/2015. This past fall, 4 months after the left, I walked 70 miles in 10 days in Great Britain, cross country skied and snowshoed this winter, biked this summer, started golf lessons. My new knees are fantastic! I am pain free and I have Dr. Scott to thank for it. He listens, he cares. He sits down when he comes in the room at appointments. His technical skills are superb (I am an ICU nurse-know a good doc when I see one:). This guy is the whole package. ”

Marcia S.

  • Bi-lateral knee replacements

“You can always trust a nurse! I'm one who has high expectations for health care providers. Dr. Anseth met my expectations. I find him to not only be a skilled surgeon but a kind and compassionate man. I am six months out from my left knee replacement and three months out from my right knee replacement. With help from physical therapy and two very successful surgeries, I feel stronger than I have in years. ”

Roy B.

  • Bilateral Hip Replacement
Roy B.'s photo

“After a long period of denial, and with increasing pain and decreasing mobility, I could no longer go on long walks or visits to the gym. It was just too painful. I scheduled consultations with two leading orthopedic surgeons to see what could be done. The first doctor's diagnosis was bone on bone, with both hips to be replaced. When asked the time frame, he said two to three months between surgeries. The second doctor, Dr. Scott Anseth, gave the same diagnosis but a much different time frame-1.5 to 2 hours between replacements, during the very same surgery! He said he believed I would do just fine.

The surgery went extremely well and within one month I was walking three to four miles a day without any support devices, such as a cane. Now that more than a year has passed, I'm back to walking up to 20 miles a day and have returned to my workouts at the gym.

I can't begin to thank Dr. Anseth, his surgical team and the staff at Abbott Hospital and Twin Cities Orthopedics who contributed to my care. Throughout every step of the process, from initial consultation to final physical therapy, the care I received was nothing short of exceptional. Dr. Anseth's positive attitude gave me the confidence to never doubt the outcome. Thanks for giving me a very important part of my life back!

Dick S.

  • Bilateral Hip Replacements

“I had both hips replaced in a single surgery. Within two weeks I was walking without cane or walker and feeling less pain than before surgery. Within three months I was hiking and easily doing many activities that had been very difficult and painful for the last two or three years.

Faithfully doing pre and post surgery exercises I am sure paid off for me. I have had no complications or problems, and a year and a half later I feel like I have gotten my life back. ”

John O.

  • Left knee replacement

“Dr. Anseth got me back on the golf course pain free. The hospital accommodations were extraordinary and the care was top notch.

Dr. Anseth has a wonderful bed side manner.

I also used the rehab center at Twin City Orthopedics and they are the best!”

Judy Lee P.

  • Hip replacement
Judy Lee P.'s photo

“Absolutely wonderful! A year ago I would not have believed that I could be feeling and doing so good. Seems like I experience more and more improvement every day. My THANKS and Appreciation go out to Dr. Anseth for his care, concern and professionalism. Here I am putting my best foot/hip forward... ”

Edwin S.

  • Hip Replacement
Edwin S.'s photo

“Had my 6 month check up last Tuesday Dr Anseth Said I was doing great. Since my surgery April 10, 2014 my recovery has been exceptional. To list some: driving 6 days after, off pain meds 5 days, prepped classic boats for showing, doing yard work,cut,haul,split,stack 10 cord fire wood for heating (10 cord=a pile 20'x8'x8') run my skid loader daily etc. bought my down hill season pass, I'm ready to go. Dr Anseth gave me my life back, cannot say enough good about him!

Just a short follow up I have been out downhill skiing 14 times this season, trying to build strength for mountain skiing. Recovery has been great and on schedule for a 78 year old man. Still working on heating wood for the house. Thanks to a friend who recommended Dr Anseth I was lucky to have a very fine surgeon, who is a down to business excellent Doctor. What more can I say.


Beth B

  • Right Total Knee Replacement
Beth B's photo

“I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 21 after about 6 months of bilateral pain issues. A few falls on the ice caused inflammation in my right knee that was difficult to control given the active lifestyle of a 21 year old college golf athlete and thus began the irreversible damage to that knee. Over the course of the years fluid was taken off of my knee multiple times and injections were given as often as allowed.

At age 33 I had issues with my knee locking up, x-rays showed some osteoarthritis damage, but nothing definitive on the locking and neither did the MRI. I chose to have arthroscopic surgery and the damage was evident, torn medial meniscus and shredded cartilage floating around causing the locking issue. I began using a knee brace whenever I was going to be active (walking any amount). A knee replacement was clearly in my future but I was too young. I was told to try to make it to my forties.

In 2011 a new knee brace was provided as things change over time, (I probably should have changed that sooner) and it was suggested a cane may be useful, I had had enough. So as I was now 43 I began investigating options. The doctors were still all against the replacement given my age, but this was no life for a 43 year old and my knee was starting to cause other issues in my body. The first doctor I saw did not give me a good feeling, so I checked with a friend mine who was about my age who had just had a partial knee done and she recommended Dr. Anseth. What a difference. While Dr. Anseth had similar concerns regarding my age, and did suggest the usual options (brace, shots, cane, etc.) he listened to me and I felt truly heard. He agreed to do the replacement and I finally felt like a normal person for the first time in 20 years. Well as normal as anyone with RA can feel. After the surgery Dr. Anseth did mention that he would have not normally recommended this surgery for someone my age, but when he saw my knee in surgery he agreed that there really was no other course of action, that my knee needed to be replaced. My recovery took about 3 months and I was back on the golf course in May, five months after the replacement.

The picture above is of me zip-lining in Costa Rica, a trip I took in May of 2014. I would not have considered making this trip before my knee replacement.”

Jean J

  • Total Hip Replacement
Jean J's photo

“Dr. Anseth did a total hip replacement 1-31-14 and I was back riding horse in 2 months! Never an ache or pain in my hip from the day of surgery!. I would have no one touch me except Dr Anseth if I need any other surgeries!!”

Matt T.

  • Hip Resurfacing
Matt T.'s photo

“When my doctor sent me in for an MRI of my hip, replacement was not even part of the discussion. I am an active, athletic 47 year old. We both assumed the pain that had been taking more and more of my mobility was simply an injury, possibly a torn labrum at the worse. The MRI showed little or no cartilage, and nothing that could be repaired. Replacement was the only option. I put off replacement as long as I could take it, fearing that the dance group I was part of would be forever in my past.

Dr. Anseth did not guarantee I would be able to return to dance, but with the resurfacing implant, he saw no reason why that should not be part of my final outcome... I never expected to be dancing in nearly top form six months after surgery!

From day one I had no pain. At week two I was back at the gym â with restrictions. Week six had me at the gym with only one restriction â no hard impact. With good exercises and physical therapy, I was back to a full range of motion, and resumed all, and I mean all, activities by six months post hip replacement. I was even able to join my dance group at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in Shakopee that month, as a full dancing participant! One year post replacement, and I could not be happier!

Vicki F.

  • Bilateral Hip Replacements
Vicki F.'s photo

“We have just returned from India and I was able to play Elephant Polo with my two titanium hips that you have provided me. The riding of elephants is not easy, because they have such broad backs and bumpy gait.

I'm very lucky to have my health, two new hips, and the opportunity to be with five grandchildren in India.

Thank you Dr. Anseth sincerely!”

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