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Connie A.

  • Bilateral Hip Replacements
Connie A.'s photo

“My jouney started with 52 visits to a chiropractor, then for acupuncture, followed by physical therapy visits and then steroid shots that lasted about a week. It got to the point that I couldn't walk even a few steps without excruciating pain...Ibuprofen was my friend. I found myself declining invitations to anything that involved walking. I used to ask myself, do I really need groceries, I guess not-I'll send my husband later. I was miserable. I finally made an appointment with Dr. Anseth at Twin Cities Orthopedics. After looking at my x-rays he asked me "when can I replace your hips"...yes he said hips. I couldn't believe it.

I was scheduled for a total hip replacement for my left hip in January 2013 and then my right hip in April 2013. Within a month of the April surgery, I had no pain in either hip and was enjoying normal activities. If you would have told me in January that I would be back on the golf course in June, golfing two to three times a week, I would have said you are crazy, but that is what happened. Unfortunately, I still have that annoying slice, but am so grateful to Scott, Heidi, Linda and all of the staff at TC Ortho and the Abbott Joint Replacement Center for giving me my life back! FORE!”

Dawn F.

  • Bi-Lateral Hip Replacement
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“At 37 years old my life had come to a screeching halt. Once an avid runner and golfer, I felt like I was stuck on the "sidelines" watching my 2 young children play. My chronic pain and lack of mobility made it hard for me to do my job as a kindergarten teacher, wife, and mom.

Dr Anseth, Heidi, and staff helped me make the hard decision to have a bi-lateral hip replacement. They spent as much time with me as I needed at appointments and always returned my many phone calls. Their joint replacement education program is amazing and I felt well informed, prepared, and cared for going into the surgery.

On November 23rd, 2012 I had both of my hips replaced. My surgery couldn't have gone any better and it was both exciting and empowering to be doing "laps" around the hospital floor with my walker only a few days later. Three weeks after surgery, I walked to the end of my street and back with only a cane. By springtime I was doing advanced exercises at physical therapy and back to playing golf. I was even able to waterski this summer. Most importantly I am able to keep up with my now 2 & 3 year old. No more just watching them play for me!! Thanks to Dr. Anseth, I have my life back and am stronger and more capable than I've been in the past 8 years!

Akhouri S.

  • Bilateral Knee Replacements
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“As a scientist and researcher, I investigated about the orthopedics surgeons known for the best surgical outcomes in the Twin Cities. I narrowed down to choices of three surgeons and I got three different opinions. I talked with patients who had successful knee replacement surgeries. These conversations led me to Dr. Scott Anseth of Twin Cities Orthopedics, Edina, MN. He examined me and gave all the answers to my questions thoroughly. He was also available to answer other questions if they came to my mind. I was convinced that he is going to be my surgeon. He recommended replacement one knee at a time. He did surgeries on March 1st and April 20th, 2012.

I had excellent outcome both times without any infection and full recovery of each knee in less than two months. I did everything recommended by Dr. Anseth. I walked and climbed stairs, but did not jog or take undue risks while walking. Less than a year later, I took a trip to Kerala, Goa and Delhi, India. Munnar, a tea county is located at a height of 6000 feet in the Western Ghats of Kerala, about 1000 miles south from Bombay, India. This trip required lots of walking and climbing some hills to see tea plantations. I travelled without any problems, including long air plane flights. This also improved my recovery. I do regular physical fitness exercises and I am fully functional now. I sometimes weed grass in my flower garden and can kneel for a brief period of time. I found that Dr. Anseth is not only an excellent surgeon but a very caring surgeon, all which helped my attitude as well as my recovery. I have recommended him to several friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.

Fern V.

  • Left Revision Knee Replacement

“When I was told that my first knee replacement was not exactly right, I was concerned as to who do I see now. I am thankful that I was directed to Dr. Anseth.

I loved him from the beginning. He is a physician that is concerned about you and your pain. He is not only young and good looking but he tells it as it is. He is very detailed on what is wrong and how he plans to do the surgery. He explains everything so you certainly understand all he is telling you. After Dr. Anseth had met with my husband and I, we were comfortable and sure of results, that we made the appointment as soon as possible.

I had no problem with my healing or therapy and my bending motion was 90-95 degrees in two weeks and all the way to 120 degrees after therapy. I thank God every day when I think of my knee for giving Dr. Anseth all his abilities to help people with knee pain.

See him for pain, you will not regret it. ”

Bernie W.

  • Left Knee Replacement & Right Revision Knee Replacement

“Dr. Anseth replaced both of my knees during a six month period beginning in 2012. Now, three months after my second surgery, I'm standing straight and walking normally, and my stamina is returning to baseline. I'd fallen badly out of shape due to the pain of bone on bone and could previously walk only about a block before giving up.

I and my family are impressed and thankful to Dr. Anseth for the renewed life he's given me by repairing my worn-out knees. My wife in particular, is so delighted that she has her traveling partner back that we're planning a trip to Turkey this fall, replete with lots of walking to and around Roman-era ruins.

We live a block from the Mid-Town Greenway and I look forward to resuming the bicycling that meant so much to me before. Thank you Dr. Anseth!”

Craig M.

  • Right Hip Resurface (November 2011); Left Hip Resurface (November 2012)
Craig M.'s photo

“As a very competitive athlete for life, I had my first hip resurfacing on my right hip in October 2011. It was phase one of a two-step approach to restoring a quality of life without constant pain. It was a huge success and I returned for my left hip resurfacing in November of 2012. Within a month of dedicated physical rehab, I was enjoying the thrills of white water rafting with my family on a trip of a lifetime to Australia and New Zealand. For the first time in 5 years, I have zero pain and have resumed enjoying activities that I would not have thought possible prior to my surgeries. My only regret is that I didn't seek Dr. Anseth's help sooner. Dr. Anseth and his team have my utmost respect and I refer their expertise without hesitation whenever I have the opportunity. ”

Jeff V.

  • Hip Resurfacing
Jeff V.'s photo

“Dr. Anseth performed a Hip Resurfacing on me in October of 2011. Thankfully I came into the surgery in great shape so the recovery was very quick. I was off my pain medications within 1.5 weeks and the crutches within 2.5 weeks. I was very diligent with the physical therapy and I was in the pool swimming 50 laps (1.75 miles) within 30 days of surgery. I was able to speed walk Ultimate Frisbee golf by February of 2012 and play regular golf in the spring of 2012. Throughout that summer, once Dr. Anseth gave me the thumbs up to run I was able to run and participated in my first pain free 10k in 2 years and finished it in sub 7:00 minute miles! I completed 14 sprint Triathlons this summer, played about 60 rounds of golf, swam lots and played hockey. What can I say the surgery was awesome and Dr. Anseth did an amazing job. I am now training for the Hawaii Iron Man. Thank you again Dr. Anseth!”

Marjorie S.

  • Bilateral Knee Replacements
Marjorie S.'s photo

“Marjorie S. had bilateral total knee replacements performed by Scott Anseth, MD (pictured on left) and was very pleased with the results. "I couldn't have asked for a better experience than what I have had with Dr. Anseth, Twin Cities Orthopedics and the Joint Replacement Center," said Marjorie. "The pre-surgical education and information is comprehensive, yet easily understood. Everyone was willing to take the time to address any concerns," she said. "I'll be telling everyone where they should go for their orthopedic concerns."”

Jack R.

  • Hip Surgery
Jack R.'s photo

“Jack R. said that his hip surgery "changed his life," and couldn't have been happier with the excellent care he received from Scott Anseth, MD. Before surgery, hip pain kept Jack awake at night and prevented him from enjoying his favorite outdoor activities, such as hunting and fishing. "After surgery, the dull aching pain that I was experiencing was gone," he said. "It was amazing."

Shortly thereafter his flexibility returned and simple tasks such as putting on socks became easy again. Four weeks after surgery Jack was traveling again for work and felt great. "I can now enjoy outdoor activities again," he said. "My sons are having trouble keeping up with me when pheasant and deer hunting!"”

Shirley V.

  • Total Hip Replacement
Shirley V.'s photo

“December 2011 I had total hip replacement and I got my life back. I had osteoarthritis and was in a lot of pain. Thanks to Dr. Anseth and his team I am pain free and have my life back. Thank you so much!”

Roger V.

  • Total Hip Replacement
Roger V.'s photo

“Dr. Anseth replaced my hip and I am a new person because of it. Not an inkling of pain even when golfing. I can even find myself jogging against a yellow light. One of my passions is soaring and before my hip replacement I couldn't enjoy it. Now look! I am back in the sky again.”

Gerilyn W.

  • Hip Replacement
Gerilyn W.'s photo

“"I was 43 years old and had been suffering from bilateral hip osteoarthritis for several years," said Gerilyn W. of Stillwater (pictured on left). "I was having much difficulty with activities of daily living." She decided to have both of her hips replaced over a six week period, by Scott Anseth, MD (pictured on right). "I not only gained new hips with no more chronic pain, I get my life back! Now, I can do anything and everything with no limitations," she said.

As a result of the surgeries and rehabilitation experience at the joint replacement, Gerilyn is now "paying it forward" to new patients by volunteering at the joint replacement surgery center where she had our surgery performed.”

James L.

  • Hip Resurfacing
James L.'s photo

“"I am happier than I ever could have imagined with the outcome of my BHR hip resurfacing surgery performed by Dr. Anseth in March of 2012. After some physical therapy, I was swinging a golf club and was getting back into my boot camp workout routine just two months post surgery. I was able to start running again six months post surgery and have since climbed to the top of the 51 story IDS Center and skied the Swiss Alps, all pain free. Thanks again to Dr. Anseth, his physicianâs assistant Heidi Bolgren, and their entire team for giving me this new lease on life."”

Jonathan P.

  • Total Hip Replacement
Jonathan P.'s photo

“Jonathan P. of Deephaven had a total hip replacement procedure performed by Scott Anseth, MD. "One day while driving my leg went numb," he said. Upon calling Twin Cities (pictured left to right: Heidi Bolgren, PA-C, Dr. Anseth, Jonathan, Patty F.), Jonathan was scheduled for a next day appointment with Dr. Anseth and "he had me scheduled for surgery ten days later," he said. "I feel great, better than I have in 15 years."”

Mary Jo D.

  • Total Hip Replacement
Mary Jo D.'s photo

“Mary Jo D. (pictured on right) of Bloomington recently had a total hip replacement performed by Scott Anseth, MD (pictured on left). "I never felt I was being rushed in and out" of my appointment said Mary Jo. "Dr. Anseth addressed all of my concerns and made sure he answered all of my questions," she said. He "has strong communication skills" and great bedside manner.”

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